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This page is dedicated to my absolute favourite topic; making things!

It will be the home to my comprehensive series of knitting tutorials aimed at beginners, plus my craft product and book recommendations, and any fun DIY projects I think you'll enjoy. I really hope you find inspiration in my ideas, or at least find my instruction helpful in some way :)

My Craft Posts


DIY Tutorials

Introduction to knitting for beginners Knitting Needles

Craft Introductions, Roundups & Product Reviews

Arty Ideas & Instructionals

How to make a leather bound book

Make a Leather-Bound Journal

All about different knitting yarns How to make a t-shirt quilt An introduction to encaustic art; how to paint with wax What is a sewing toile? Dressmaking introduction for beginners How to make a vinyl backdrop for product photography How to make an air plant terrarium with pink gravel


Backdrops for Product Photography

How screenprinting works; step-by-step instructions Martha Stewart alphabet punch product review Sewing tips for perfectionists Getting Started with Sewing Hobby How to sew on a budget


How to make t-shirt yarn DIY Halloween decorations; a craft tutorial roundup Homemade Halloween decor; a craft tutorial roundup How to do Knit Stitch and Garter Stitch Knitted Cast On tutorial for beginners Getting started with knitting Seed Stitch knitting tutorial Old Norwegian cast on knitting tutorial Moss Stitch knitting tutorial Double Seed Stitch knitting tutorial Twisted Slip Stitch Selvedge knitting tutorial How to bind off knitting tutorial German Slip Stitch Selvedge knitting tutorial How to knit an I-cord and what to do with I-cord Long Tail cast on knitting tutorial How to do Purl Stitch and Stockinette stitch How to transfer an image onto polymer clay

Transfer a Laser-Printed Image onto Clay

Skillshare classes

Skillshare Classes

Homemade Christmas ornaments; a craft tutorial roundup How to make a miniature hardback book

Miniature Hardback Books

Graphic Design & Craft Business Articles

Where Else You Can Find My Tutorials Online

Can i earn money on Society 6? An earnings report Instructables tutorials including book page rose and quilled vase My YouTube craft tutorial channel DIY light bulb bugs - a recycling project

DIY Light Bulb Bugs

Christmas baubles intro Introduction to sewing pattern alteration DIY Paper flowers - roses, lilies & daisies

Paper Roses, Calla Lilies & Daisies

DIY Book Page Trees

Make Your Own Book Page Trees

Rope Demo intro

What is Knitting? How Does it Work?

Terrazzo 1

Polymer Clay

Terrazzo / Mosaic Pattern

Brioche stitch intro

Brioche Stitch