How to Knit Reversible Cables

When you are planning to knit a cabled project that will be seen from both the front and the back - for instance, a scarf or blanket - then using a reversible pattern should be first choice.

In the case of knitting cables, you need the stitch used for the cable AND the stitch used for the knitting surrounding the cable to be reversible, in order to produce a result that is exactly the same on the front as it is on the back.

In this video I will show 2 examples of a reversible cable pattern; one uses double rib stitch and single rib stitch, and the other uses single rib stitch and seed stitch.

Reversible patterns will nearly always involve the rib stitch in some way, but there are other reversible stitches available to choose from too.

I hope you find this useful :)

I hope you enjoy knitting along!

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