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How To Have A Successful Business

Whilst researching for my own online shop, I came across alot of excellent tips and tricks of the trade, plus what the most important factors are for running a successful business.

Alot of the links below are specific to Etsy businesses, but there are also ones for other selling businesses too. Hope you find this helpful!

Best of my tips: Concentrate on getting nice and clear photos, have some unique products (find a niche), create pretty but simple and consistent packaging, have a memorable name and logo, use Metatag Analyser on each website page to check your meta tags and descriptions are search-engine friendly, use Project Wonderful if you want to advertise on other sites, approach suitable blogs to try and get your shop featured, have regularly updated information and perhaps tutorials on your website to try and drive traffic to it, and lastly (if you have good photos) submit your products on Craft Gawker.

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