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Canvas Art Review

A new Society6 product for Summer 2018 ; wall hangings!


I was particularly excited to see these as they're my favourite type of wall decor, so I soon ordered myself the small version with a cheerful design on (courtesy of Picomodi).

Scroll down for my review.

Please note that the links to Society6 from this page are affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission if you buy a product from Society6 via one of the links. This won't affect your order at all. Thank-you in advance if you do make a purchase :)



There are 2 sizes you can choose for the wall hanging; either small or large. It looks like the size and price of these depends on the shape/orientation of the design you choose.


For instance, the design I chose is portrait, and the small version measures 11 1/4" x 15 1/2" (and costs $29), whilst the large version measures 23 1/4" x 31 1/2" (and costs $69).


However, if I look at the options for a landscape design, then the small version measures 23 1/4" x 15 3/4" (and costs $39), whilst the large version measures 47" x 32 1/4" (and costs $119).


So it's quite a difference between the portrait and landscape sizes!


To be honest, I would say that if you can afford it, then go for the larger size, as it will just create a much bigger impact in a room. If I didn't have to pay UK customs charges on top of the sale price, I most likely would have gone for the large version.


Note: These sizes and prices are all correct at the time of writing, but could be subject to change in the future.

In terms of construction, the artwork is printed onto polyester fabric, with bands of different textures; starting at the top, there is a woven band, then loose vertical threads, then a more closely-woven section that feels quite velvety, then it's the woven section and loose threads section two more times.

It's this variety of textures that I like best because it really sets it apart from other wall art options.


The print quality is as crisp and vibrant as always with Society6, and the colours match what I expected to see from the product photo.

The only issue I spotted is that there are a few white dots and small areas on the loose threads where the design has failed to print fully...particularly on the bright orange flower in the top right. You would only really notice these when close to the hanging, but I've included photos below so you can judge for yourself.


I'm not sure how the hangings are printed, but I'm imagining that the printing is most difficult on the loose thread sections, hence the slight issue here. Threads could maybe have bunched up accidentally prior to printing, hiding some thread from the ink.

The top of the hanging is sewn around a wooden dowel, which has a white string attached to it with a knot at each end.


It's a really simple piece of art to hang - onto a picture hook or a nail for example - because it is so lightweight. Good for reluctant DIY-ers ;)

So in conclusion, I'm really pleased with these wall hangings and I'm sure they're proving to be a hit on Society6.


I personally think that bold shapes and colourful designs would be the best art to get printed onto these hangings, so as to create the most impact in a room.

Even though I haven't seen how photographs and typography prints come out, I would worry a little about the loose thread sections maybe distorting text or losing fine details, but I'm open to being proved wrong on that!


I hope you found this review useful, and thanks for reading :)

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