An Introduction to Machine Sewing

Getting Started

You've decided you want to learn to sew...but where to begin?

Sewing on a Budget

Tips and advice for keeping costs as low as possible.

Tips for Perfectionists

How to stop procrastination and frustration getting in the way of enjoying learning to sew

Machine Sewing Techniques

Mitred Corners

Learn to sew neat corners on projects like placemats and dishcloths.

Sewing by Hand

Blanket Stitch

A lovely decorative stitch traditionally used on the edges of blankets.

Blanket Stitch


Attach a shape onto another fabric using blanket stitches.

Whip Stitch a Seam

A very quick and easy stitch to join two fabric edges.

Whip Stitch a Hem

Learn to hem fabric edges quickly and neatly with the whip stitch.

Whip Stitch an Applique

Attach a shape onto another fabric using whip stitches.

Slip Stitch a Seam

This 'invisible' stitch is sewn on the outside of a seam.

Slip Stitch a Hem

Hem fabric with slip stitches to hide the raw edges.

Blind Hem Stitch

A popular hemming stitch that is near invisible on the front.

Basic Catch Stitch

Useful for hemming more tricky fabrics like heavy weight or knit fabrics.


Catch Stitch

This hemming stitch has a bit more 'give' than the basic catch stitch.

Fell Stitch

A useful stitch used to attach a lining.

Sewing Projects

Recycled T-Shirt


One of my first sewing projects where I made a picnic blanket from old clothes.

Reversible Battery Pouches

Useful for recognising which batteries are charged or not charged.

Cravat Tie

How to sew a cravat neck tie in satin fabric.

Lined Placemats

DIY fabric placemats with an optional lining.

Hook & Ring Curtains

A detailed step-by-step tutorial for making lined curtains.

An Introduction to Dressmaking

Introduction to


The many advantages to making your own clothes.

What is a Toile?

Learn about what a toile (or muslin) is and why you should make one.

Introduction to

Pattern Alteration

An explanation of what pattern alteration is, and how you can start doing it yourself.