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Hand Sewing:


The 'Invisible' Slip Stitch

The slip stitch (also known as the invisible or ladder stitch) is a subtle way to hand sew hems and seams.


It's useful when sewing seams in particular, because you can sew from the outside of your sewing project and yet the stitches will hardly be visible in the finished item.

The slip stitch is therefore often used for closing up open seams on cushions and stuffed toys as a very neat way to finish them off.


In terms of hemming, it's a great way to sew double-fold hems on skirts and dresses, because the stitches are pretty much invisible from the front as well as the back.


The slip stitch can also be used to invisibly attach bindings, linings and appliqués.


In the videos below I demonstrate how to sew the slip stitch on a seam and on a hem, including how to secure the thread at the beginning and end.

And now how to slip stitch a hem...

I hope these videos have been helpful :)

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