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Quilling for BEginners

Quilling has been around for hundreds of years and used to be a popular pastime for upper class ladies in Europe. However, it has had a resurgence amongst crafters in the modern day, which is partly due to the relaxing nature of quilling, and the few inexpensive items you require to get started.


Quilling involves taking paper strips and rolling, coiling and otherwise shaping them into decorative patterns or pictures. The 2 videos below will get you started with this fun hobby by explaining the basics materials and tools you will need, plus showing you how to make many different shapes with just a strip of paper.


Have fun!


This first video demonstrates the use of a quilling board and a slotted tool, and shows you how to shape a basic coil and teardrop. I then show you how this teardrop shape alone can be used to decorate a pretty vase:

This next video tutorial runs through several shapes you can make from the basic coil shape, including stars, rectangles, triangles, hearts, 'S' shapes and tulips.


I hope this video lesson is useful for you. Thanks for watching!

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