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Homemade Christmas Decorations

& Garlands

Welcome to my DIY Christmas decor roundup!


On this page you will find magical craft tutorials galore, including how-tos for fun advent calendars, creative festive stockings and sparkly garlands; everything you need to turn your home into an enchanting Santa's grotto.


I also have another crafty roundup dedicated solely to homemade Christmas ornaments for hanging on your tree, which you can see by clicking here.

Christmas decor 5.jpg

Bottle brush Christmas village by Steve Snodgrass.


Paper & Yarn Craft Ideas:


Paper Chain Printables

Free patterns to print, cut and stick.

Recycled Magazine Trees

Instructions for folding magazines into cone shapes.

Soft Knitted Trees

One of my favourites.

Pom-Pom Tree
All in frosty white, yet so cosy.

Traditional Crackers
Make your Xmas go with a bang!

Yarn Christmas Trees
Elegant yarn-wrapped centrepieces.

Nativity Scene Print-Out
Print out and glue a cute paper nativity scene.

Christmas Scene Diorama
Gorgeous intricate cardboard scene for crafters to replicate.

Space-Saving Wall Tree
Made with fringed paper strips.

Vintage Christmas Card Bowl

Recycle your old cards into a handy bowl.

Paper Icicles

Fun 'frozen' ceiling decoration.

Snowflake Ballerinas

Beautiful and elegant hanging ornaments.

Yarn Mini Trees

With a wire and wood base.

Mistletoe Kissing Ball

Cut-out paper shapes glued onto a Styrofoam ball.

Christmas decor 11.jpg

You can find my tutorial for these recycled book trees here.



DIY Wreaths & Garlands:


Ice Wreaths

With colourful berries embedded inside.

Felted Sweater Wreath

A luxurious wreath that's soft to the touch.

Pom-Pom Garland

A colourful string of fluff!

Gumdrop Wreath
Novelty sweet wreath.

Christmas Tree Bunting
Great for a staircase or mantelpiece.

Snowy Curtain
Using dental floss!

Ruffled Paper Garlands
Very simple to make.

Baubles Christmas Wreath
Super easy project using just hangers and baubles.

Felt Circle Garland
Colourful strand for around the tree.

Fabric Chain Garland
A more durable version of a paper chain.

Word Garland
Brill idea - just pick your favourite quotes.

Wax Shape Garland
Unique and elegant ornaments.

Swedish Candle Wreath

Minimalist, dainty and pretty.

DIY Holly Wreath

Made from felt berries and leaf shapes.

Disclaimer 3a.png

F i n d   C h r i s t m a s   G a r l a n d s   o n   A m a z o n :

Christmas decor 6.jpg

Awesome Dalek inspired tree by Lindsey J. Testolin.



Creative Christmas Stockings:


Abominable Snowman
A lined stocking with a fun snowman applique.

Expandable Stocking
Funny novelty stocking idea.

Space Age Stockings
Templates for eye-catching stockings with a sci-fi twist.

Felted Stockings
Cute project using a felted blanket.

Helvetica Stockings
Perfect for designers and creative types.

Sweater Stockings
These look great and are a fun way to recycle old jumpers.

23 Stockings
Lots of crafty ideas for Christmas stockings.

Felt Stockings with Pom-Poms
Fun embellishments made with colorful trim.

Color Pop Quilted Stockings
Machine stitched stockings padded with batting.

DIY Rustic Stockings
Tartan design made using old flannel shirts.

Yarn Stitched Stockings

With pom-pom embellishments.

Drop Cloth Stockings

Simple & rustic with a cotton piping bow.

Classic Red-and-White Stockings

Complete with a little pocket on the front.

Christmas decor 10.jpg

Brilliant idea for making a Christmas stocking out of neckties, by ChaosToArt.



Make Your Own Advent Calendars:


Matchbox Advent Calendar
Reveals sweet messages and a hidden picture.

Socks Advent Calendar
Really cute idea.

Mitten Advent Calendar
Basically the same concept as the one above but with mittens!

Falling Star Advent Calendar
One of the most fun statement calendars I've seen.

Santa with Pockets

Wonderful calendar sewn from red cotton fabric.

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

With little lined fabric pockets that are removeable.

Tea-Themed Calendar

Tea treats with charming packaging.

Fun Adult Advent

A beer a day adds a new bottletop to the tree!

Surprise Ball Calendar

Wrap up little toys and treats into bauble shapes.

Edible Biscuit Numbers

Eat the numbers that make up the date.

Scratch-Off Advent Calendar

Reveal the number behind a clever mix of paint and dish soap.

Simple Candle Advent

Minimal and extremely quick to put together.

Elegant Wooden Stick Calendar

Looks lovely hung up on the wall.

Hanging Paper Cup Calendar

Easy way to wrap treats individually.

Burlap & Ribbon Pockets

How to sew your own wall hanging with pockets.

Make Your Own Christmas Bauble Wreath

Felt & Fabric How-tos:


Mini Felt Christmas Tree
Cute little centrepiece.

Felt Tree Topper
Star shaped pendant for the top of your Christmas tree.

Wall Hanging Banners

Create a festive phrase from canvas and leather scraps.

Gingerbread Tissue Box Cover

Cute gingerbread house made from felt.

Christmas Pudding Placemats

Sweet & useful mats made from felt.

Festive Bottle Covers

Turn a wine or pop bottle into Santa, a reindeer or a tree.

Felt Poinsettia Flower Wreath

With fairy lights for a bit of sparkle.

Seasonal Table Runner

Decorate your table with felt holly leaves.

3D Felt Hangings

You could even make 2-colour versions for a bit of contrast.

Mistletoe Ornament

I love the use of pearls in this make.

Holly Leaf Garland

Sew your own layered felt holiday garland.




How to Make a Baubles Display Stand:

Christmas decor 2.jpg

What You Will Need:


* Cloche; clear and either plastic or (more likely) glass. This should be big enough to fit at least several bauble inside.


* A plate, onto which the cloche will stand.


* A candle holder; however high this is will be the height of your display so it's up to you, however the lower it is the more stable your display will be. Make sure the holder has a wide base so it is stable.


* Baubles; round Christmas ornaments will be placed inside, so make sure your selection goes together well. If the cloche you are using is small, use smaller baubles in order to fit more in.


* Sandpaper


* Pencil


* Glue to join ceramics, plastics and glass (depending on the material your candle holder and plate are made from). The glue must be clear when dried e.g. craft epoxy glue.


* Spray paint (optional)



- If you wish to spray paint your candle holder (and/or your plate) to match your décor or the color of baubles you will be using, this is the first step. Best to do this outside with scrap newspaper underneath to protect surfaces. This is optional.


- Turn your plate upside down and place the candle holder upside down in the center of the plate to show how they will go together. Mark around the area where the candle holder joins the plate (with a pencil or other removable mark).


- Remove the candle holder and use the sandpaper to rub the plate inside the area you have marked with a pencil. This is to roughen the surface in this area. Do the same for the top of the candle holder.


- Wash off the sanding dust from both objects and dry thoroughly.


- Spread glue thinly over the top of the candle holder, and press it onto the bottom of the plate (in the center) to join the two together permanently. Leave to dry.


- Turn the cloche upside down carefully and fill with the baubles, so that it is as full as possible.


- Put the plate on top of the cloche opening and, whilst holding the plate and cloche together securely, carefully turn everything the right way around and place on a table.


- You can glue the cloche to the plate if you wish, but I think it would be best to leave them unconnected so that you can swap the contents of the cloche in the future. For instance, you could put dried flowers, ornaments or pine cones inside during the rest of the year.


- Finished!



Fun DIY Decorations:


Wood Log Reindeer
Rustic garden decoration.

Christmas Topiary

Gorgeous red, white & gold plantpot decoration.

Christmas Ball Bouquet
A centrepiece of baubles and twigs.

Glittered Toadstools
Pretty pink and green wooden decorations.

Framed Bauble Tree
Lovely wall mounted tree made from green ornaments.

Glitter Icicles
Made from aluminium foil.

Wooden Reindeer and Sleigh
A fun weekend project which even beginner woodworkers can make.

Magnetic Light-Up Snowmen
They only take minutes to make and they're so cute!

Snowman Fridge
Fun and easy idea, perfect for the kids.

Mistletoe Balloons

Using just white balloons and green paper.

Christmas decor 8.jpg

Fun Ninja Turtle ornaments by Nancy Hoang.


Handmade for the Holidays:


Kids Crafts
Many brilliant kid-friendly DIYs from The Artist Woman.

Minimalist Nutcrackers
Turn the traditional into the ultra modern.

Magnetic Mini Forest
Pretty little xmas trees you can put on your fridge and metal furniture.

NOEL Glitter Letters
Write out a message in glittered wooden letters.

Holiday Village
Light up paper houses.

Elf Skittles
Adorable and novel idea.

Organic Star
Made from twigs.

Sparkle Flower Trees
Cone trees covered in card flower cut-outs.

Grapevine Wreath Snowman

Easy to construct and looks very effective.

Woven Star Tree Topper

Intricate star shape using glittery cardstock.

Balsa Wood Trees

Modern fabric-covered trees that slot together.

Bottle Brush Holiday Trees

How to bleach the brushes and then colour them.

Christmas decor 3.jpg

Creative wire-and-bulb decoration made by White Room, Colorful Life - Click here for more examples.



More Homemade Craft Ideas:


Martha Stewart

Christmas holiday decorations ideas a-plenty.

Xmas Instructables

Lots of how-tos from creative crafters.

Recycled Decorations

A variety of eco-friendly crafts.

Better Homes

Cards, crafts and gift wrapping how-tos.

No-Cost Holiday Decor

Pretty decorations making use of natural materials.

"Metal" Reindeer Ornaments

Easy to make using just wooden dowel.

Sparkly Christmas Village

Creative idea to improve cheap & old-fashioned ornaments.

Pallet Christmas Tree

Fun upcycling idea for a wooden pallet.

Oversized Berry & Holly Garland

Huge statement garland for your staircase.

Colour Block Baubles

Bunch colours together to make a striking garland.

Log Candle Holder

Real wood and candles makes any room feel cosy.




DIY String Ornaments & Lanterns:

Christmas decor 9.jpg

Sparkly pasta garlands by Nancy Hoang.

Lights, Tree Skirts & More:


Ping Pong Ball Lights
Unusual & magical fairy lights.

DIY Candy Lights
Fun novelty light garlands for candy-holics!

Peppermint Candy Tree Skirt
Red and white stripe skirt with a pom-pom trim.

21 Tree Skirts
A large choice of lovely DIY skirts for your tree base.

Hanging Branch Light

String lights and a branch create a fabulous feature.

Mirror Garland & White Lights
Absolutely beautiful wall of lights and sparkle.

Modern Cone Lights

Drill holes in a paper mache cone to produce a festive glow.

Silent Night Light-Up Canvas

Lovely twinkly wall art using a painted canvas.

Light String Wreath

Eye-catching circle of light.

Magical Christmas Lanterns

Atmospheric lanterns made with glass jars.

Christmas decor 4.jpg

Salt dough advent calendar made by The Waterfalls - Click here for the tutorial here.

Christmas decor 1.jpg

Festive window garlands by Bugs and Fishes.

I hope you have fun with your festivities!

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