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Creative Christmas Ornaments


You Can Make

When preparing for Christmas, decorations are a very important part...and are often very personal too. What better way to add that special personal touch than to make them with your own two hands?


This page will hopefully give you many ideas for ornament designs, no matter what colour theme you are planning, or what style of decor you love most. These tutorials are all you need to make your Christmas tree the best-looking and most unique in town!


And don't worry if you are not skilled at DIY...there are lots of baubles that are really easy to create and only take a matter of minutes. I hope you find inspiration galore here!

Christmas ornament 1.jpg

Photo of embroidered felt trees by Normanack.



Christmas Decorations to Hang:


3D Paper Snowflakes

So simple to make in any size you like.


5 Modern, bold and colourful ideas.

Personalised Glitter Baubles

Use any colour of glitter you like.

Gilded Cement Letters

A fun and modern way to use alphabet letter moulds.

Tinsel Wreaths

Cleverly made with mason jar lids.

22 Martha Stewart Ideas

Including forest animals and pom-pom snowmen.

Family Portrait Baubles

Make custom ornaments to look like family members.

Felt Snowflakes

Two-sided delicate hanging decorations.

Wet Felted Ornaments

How to make festive shapes from wool roving.

Copper Reindeers, Felt Gnomes & More!

Plenty of inspiration from BHG.

Salt Dough Shapes

A brilliantly versatile craft material to work with.

Traditional Clove Oranges

And check out the other tutorials on this website too.

Christmas ornament 2.jpg

These funky baubles would be easy enough to make by inserting decorative yarns into clear baubles.

Photo from SplitYarn.



Tree Ornaments & Baubles:


Paper Doily Angels

Cute angelic decorations.

Quilled Snowflakes

Made with just paper strips.

Stencilled Hearts

Gorgeous luxury linen ornaments.

Origami Cranes

Covered in glitter for a sparkly Xmas.

Pom-Pom Santas

Cute ornaments that are quick to make.

Walnut Ships

Lovely whimsical decorations.

Felt Ornaments

Stuffed felt decorations.

Rustic Cabin Décor

Made using twigs and logs.

Edible Ornaments

With a stained glass effect.

Snowflake Baubles

With a base of Styrofoam spheres.

Glitter Icicles

Made from aluminium foil.

Punched Tin Discs

Use a hammer to punch holes in tin lids.

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F i n d   C h r i s t m a s   O r n a m e n t s   o n   A m a z o n :

Christmas ornament 3.jpg

Photo of reindeer hearts by Klara.



DIY Festive Decorations:


Holiday Card Keepsake

Sweet little house made by recycling old cards.

The Golden Snitch

Amazing ornament idea for Harry Potter fans.

Comic Book Ornaments

Funky clay shapes you could make into geeky tree decorations.

Etched Glass Baubles

Add a frosted effect over stencils.

Melted Snowman Ornament

Clever bauble idea which can be made with limited supplies.

Felt Ogee

Beautiful and elegant design.

Button Stacks

How to arrange buttons into trees, snowmen and Santa shapes.

Sparkly CD Mosaic

Decorate glass baubles with recycled discs.

Pinecone Ornaments

Woodland decorations made using ribbon.

Drawn-On Glass Ornament

Using markers to add unique designs.

Sparkly Bead Ornament

Crystal and rainbow beads make a fabulous effect.

Rhinestone Monogram Ornaments

Use rhinestone lettering to turn plain into luxurious.

Christmas ornament 4.jpg

Photo and rustic ornaments by Between the Lines.



Fabulous Felt Crafts:


Bead Embroidered Stars

Classic shapes with beaded designs.

Petal Drops, Trees & Bursts

A trio of fun and colorful sewn shapes.

Vintage-Style Baubles

Layer felt, ribbons and ric-rac into different patterns.

Jingle Mouse

With a sweet little bell on the nose.

Half-Eaten Gingerbread Man

It's the expression that makes it great!

Felted Candy Canes

Transform wool roving with this wet felting technique.

10-Minute Santa

Cute bearded face made with pipe cleaners and felt.

Cheery Snowmen

With rosy cheeks and a little hat.

Christmas Puddings

Complete with the traditional icing and berries.

Felt Layer Pinecone

Scroll to the bottom to find the free templates.

Winter Scenes

Hand-sew your own sweet animal designs.

Dimensional Drops

3D hanging ornaments with felt swirls.

More Felt & Fabric How-tos:


Hanging Christmas Trees

With adorable button baubles.

Embroidered Snow Scenes

Sweet images made with felt, buttons and embroidery.

Stacked Felt Trees

Really easy and suitable for kids to make.

Layered Cone Trees

With beautiful stitching around the edges.

Braided Fabric Stars

A clever way of folding fabric strips together.

Felt Ball Wreath

Colourful hooped ornaments.

Cute Wool Flowers

How to make flowers with just a spiral of felt.

Clothespin Dolls

Charming Mr & Mrs Claus characters.

Santa's Wardrobe

How to make miniature versions of Santa's clothes.

Treasure Trove of Ideas

Browse the amazing projects on this crafty blog.

Mini Pinecone Elves

Adorable little characters with scarves & hats.

Christmas ornament 5.jpg

Edible stars by Babaloo.

If you would like to learn how to make your own stained glass cookies, please click here.



Paper and Yarn Creations:


Yarn Wrapped Baubles

Just wrap colourful yarn around wood or paper mache shapes.

Spiky Paper Starbursts

Modern paper sculptures that you could hang on a tree.

Handmade Yarn Wreaths

All you need to do is wrap, wrap, wrap!

Sewn Paper Trees

Easy and quick decorations made with paint chips.

Rolled Paper Baubles

With quilled paper strip embellishments.

Knitted Christmas Trees

Create these simple shapes in garter stitch.

Paper Pinecones

Classic Winter decoration made using folded paper

Knitted Flying Birds

These look especially good when knitted with fluffy yarn.

Soft Yarn Stars

Thick yarn would make a lovely cosy yexture.

Paper Hearts

Ideal last-minute decorations.

Paper Strip Baubles

Another really quick and inexpensive idea.

Mini Wreaths

I particularly like the pearl beads against the grey yarn.

Knitted Stars

These 5-point yellow stars are cosy and traditional.

Crochet Stockings

These mini socks could also be used to make an advent calendar.

Recycled Magazine Baubles

Twist fabric or paper to form these modern decorations.

Christmas ornament 7.jpg

Photo and a crochet choir of angels by LornaWatt.



Handmade for the Holidays:


Recycled Denim Shapes

Ideal if you've got any old jeans lying around.

Ninja Ornaments

Will take only minutes to make and they are so cool!

Sweater Wreaths

Made by felting old sweaters.

DIY Teacup Bells

Fun and cheerful ornaments that jingle all the way.

Personalised Wood Slices

Rustic wooden circles with added calligraphic designs.

Leather Strip Bauble

Add a bit of minimalist luxury to your tree.

Gold Dipped Ornaments

Elegant and glamorous theme.

Metallic Wooden Balls

Be sure to follow the links on this page to other ornament tutorials.

Tasselled Wooden Balls

With simple painted patterns.

Grapevine Snowman

Lovely rustic design made from miniature wreaths.

Peg Doll Angels

Complete with wings and silvery hair.

Swedish Tomte

Scandinavian characters that look like gnomes!

Cacti Baubles

Unusual and fun design with hot glue spines.

Log Slice Santas

Cute idea that kids can make too.

Acorn Cap Sphere

Mixing natural with glittery!

Christmas ornament 6.jpg

Photo of a clothespin skiier by Abbey Hendrickson.

For more cute ideas, please click here.



More Homemade Craft Ideas:


Jingle Bells

Traditional ornaments with sound effects!

Feathered Baubles

A unique look and a soft texture.

Clay Shapes and Starbursts

Two golden decor ideas.

Eggshell Texture

Interesting idea for adding a tactile surface.

Jingle Bell Flowers

An excellent way to recycle egg cartons.

Outdoor Bird Seed Ornaments

Perfect for dressing up your outdoor trees.

Sequin Christmas Lights

Lightweight and sparkly fairy lights to create a garland from.

Melted Crayon Ornaments

Unusual and fun idea for using melted wax inside clear baubles.

Cross Stitch Cushions

Choose to spell out words, names or initials.

Upholstered Japanese Ornaments

Fantastic technique where sections of card are wrapped in fabric.

Rustic Twig Tree

Simply string wooden twigs together.

Ribbon Candy

Waves of wide decorative ribbon.

Styrofoam Snowmen

Adorable 'snow'-covered snowmen.

An Ornament Party

Inspiration for projects that include stencilling and glittery cookie cutters.

Adorable Acorn Faces

DIY acorn topped ornaments with drawn on faces.

Ornaments to Sew & More Challenging Projects:


The Partridge & The Pear

Inspired by the popular Christmas song.

Mini Quilted Trees

Beautiful patchwork treats.

Sewn Fabric Birds

Charming bird ornaments which are lightly padded.

Puzzle Balls

Something a bit more intricate to try.

Appliqué Houses

3D fabric houses with cute features.

Faux Sugar Cookies

These painted polymer clay shapes look good enough to eat!

DIY Donuts

Fun clay decorations with bugle beads for sprinkles.

Faux Taxidermy

Sculpt the faces of all of your favourite animals.

Festive String Shapes

Stiffen string or twine into simple shapes.

Stamped Metal Ornaments

Add words and messages to geometric shapes.

Felt Gingerbread House

Adorable button embellishments and little gingerbread men.

Wax Covered Paper

Use candle wax to coat book pages or sheet music.

Gingerbread Scented Shapes

Realistic salt dough cookies that smell delicious!

Japanese Temari Baubles

Beautiful thread-wrapping and stitching techniques.

Christmas ornament 8.jpg

Photo and piggy ornaments by Anna Lee.



I hope you have fun with your festivities!

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