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Create a Terrazzo / mosaic Effect


in Polymer Clay

I've been experimenting with polymer clay a lot more lately, and this tutorial is the result of a recent discovery; how to make a mosaic or terrazzo pattern in clay. And it's trendy too, yay!


Here is the video for the process:

For this DIY, you will need:


Polymer clay (I'm using black Fimo Soft clay, and neon pink and yellow clay from Cernit), a narrow drinking straw, an oven, a ceramic tile or piece of glass to roll the clay out on, an acrylic roller, a surface to bake the clay on, a cutting blade, wet-and-dry sand paper in rough/medium/fine grits, Fimo varnish or other kind of finishing sealer/varnish, and a rectangular cookie cutter (optional).


If you want to turn the clay charm into a piece of jewellery or a keyring afterwards, then you will also need chain/findings.

Terrazzo 2.jpg

You could use this technique for all kinds of projects including little trinket bowls, coasters, Christmas ornaments and all kinds of jewellery.


I chose to use neon colours and black for a sharp contrast, but the choice of colours and the size of the shards is of course totally up to you.

For instance, if you particularly wanted to imitate the look of terrazzo style flooring, you would use more natural colours like brown/cream/pale blue/grey/light pink for the shards, and use a light base colour of clay. You would also need to use more shards in a variety of sizes, particularly very small pieces to fill in the gaps.


It's a really fun method to experiment with, so please enjoy!

Terrazzo 1.jpg
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