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More DIY Halloween Decorations

Here is Part 2 of my DIY Halloween decoration roundup, just in case you didn't find enough inspiration in Part 1 :)

Below you will find loads of ideas for decorating pumpkins, as well as instructions on how to make spooky garlands, eerie outdoor props, and plenty more to make sure your Halloween party is a real scream :-0

Halloween dec 12.jpg

Photo of glamorous pumpkins by Ciera Holzenthal.



Hauntingly Homemade Crafts:


Cute Felt Spider

With drinking straws as bendy legs!

Ghostly Gourds

Amusing paint design.

Pinecone Bats

Adorable fanged creatures with felt wings.

Skeleton Hands Wreath

Metallic decor made with plastic toy props.

Printable Eyeball Wreath

Just print out this free spooky download.

Cheesecloth Zombie Head

A 3D framed head that produces a great effect!

Woven Jack O Lanterns

Made from wicker plate holders.

Pumpkin Garland

Featuring black and orange medallions.

Glow-in-the-Dark Candles

A simple but effective painting exercise.

Halloween Silhouette Plates

Sophisticated and spooky ornaments.

Fancy Candy Jars

Elevated mason jars with a pumpkin design.

Clothes Peg Bats

Clever idea for making bats you can clip to anything.

Halloween dec 13.jpg

Photo of a paper mache skeletal cat by Stitchlily.



Spooky Craft Projects:


Styrofoam Spiders

Lightweight enough to hang from string webs.

Paper Mache Ornaments

Baubles aren't just for Christmas!

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime

Perfect for putting in potion jars and cauldrons.

Origami Pumpkin Lanterns

Follow the free template to create the intricate folds.

Freaky Eyeball Garland

With shiny beads strung in between.

Pallet Coffin Prop

An impressive build, and it lights up!

Halloween Terrarium

Sophisticated ornaments with a common theme.

Silver Willow Wreath

Sparkly door decoration with added spiders.

Fence Board Pumpkin

Rustic sign to stick in your yard.

Yarn Pumpkin Garland

Cute pom-pom pumpkins with pipe cleaner stems.

Disclaimer 3a.png

F i n d   H a l l o w e e n   P r o p s   o n   A m a z o n :

Up For A Challenge?

Try Sculpting Your Own Outdoor Props:

Ghoulish Home Decor:


Green Monster Wreath

Feather boa and plastic eyeball embellishments.

Skeleton Display Cases

Classy glass specimen jars.

Wall Mounted Zombie Head

Fun paper mache and paint makeover.

DIY Boneyard Lantern

Brilliantly effective project that looks like a pile of bones.

Candy Corn Bunting

Wooden triangle garland.

Painted Halloween Jars

Create a range of monster faces.

Branches of Bats

Easy decor made with black satin ribbon.

Dyed Cornhusk Witches

Traditional centrepiece that I think looks fab.

Kirigami Spider Webs

Giant cobwebs made with kraft paper.

Mystical Potion Bottles

A range of jars painted black, with silver buckles.

Paper Pumpkin Baubles

Props that are very easy to construct.

Mummy Pillows

Simply wrap muslin around a regular cushion.

Halloween dec 15.jpg

Photo of a funny 'pukey pumpkin' by JD Hancock.



Lots of Pumpkin Decorating Ideas:


26 Creative Crafts

Including disco ball pumpkins and stained glass effects.

Celestial Pumpkins

Use a drill to turn pumpkins into magical lanterns.

DIY Sparkly Pumpkins

Using epsom salt to add some glitz.

No-Carve Pumpkins

Using just tape to decorate.

Carved Illustrations

An artistic take on the classic.

Cross Stitch Pumpkin

A pretty idea using fake pumpkins.

Black Cat 'O' Lanterns

Fun use of pumpkins to make giant cat decorations.

Pretty Painted Pumpkins

Really elegant and detailed jack 'o' lanterns.

Embroidered Pumpkins

Perfect technique for creative crafters.

Pumpkin Diorama

Craft an impressive scene inside a pumpkin.

Wood Slice Decoration

A simple covering of wood slices looks very Autumnal.

Steampunk Pumpkin

Get on trend with nuts, bolts and all things steampunk.

Gold Leaf Pumpkins

Dramatic and luxurious embellishment.

Felt Animal Masks

Free templates for a fox, an owl and a cat.

Silver Leaves Pumpkin

About as elegant as a pumpkin gets!

Halloween dec 16.jpg

Photo of a Halloween wreath by Roxanne Ready.

Halloween Dec Bones.jpg

To make some paper mache bones to use as props, you will need:


* Newspaper

* A paper mache mixture (equal parts white flour and water OR 1 part water to 3 parts PVA glue)

* Masking tape

* White paint (preferably spray paint but you can use acrylic/poster paint).



- Rip pages from the newspaper and make them into ball shapes for the ends of the bones, and long shapes for the center part.


- Attach the newspaper shapes together with masking tape so that you make a bone shape. Try and make the surface as smooth (and as tightly packed) as possible.


- Rip more newspaper pages into thin strips that are approx. 6" long or less and are no more than approx 1" wide unless you are making a very large bone shape.


- One at a time, dip the strips into the paper mache mix, use your fingers to wipe some excess mixture off and back into the bowl, then wrap the strip around the bone shape. Do this tightly enough so that you don't have wrinkles in the paper.


- Keep repeating this until the bone has been covered 2-3 times with paper mache strips. Leave it to dry completely.


- Now it is time to paint it. I would personally spray paint the bone with enough layers so that the newspaper print is no longer visible (remember you will need good ventilation when spray painting). However, you can paint acrylic/poster paint directly onto the bones instead if you prefer, or, if the bone is small enough you can dip it straight into a pot of paint. To cover up the newspaper print before you start painting, you can also choose to apply a white primer.


- Leave to dry and then it's completed! If you want to have the bones as an outdoor decoration, you can apply a clear acrylic spray, a layer of 'Mod Podge Outdoor', a layer of clear Plasti-dip or some other protective coating to stop any rain from destroying it. You will also need to weight it down or attach it to something heavier to stop it blowing away because they are very light.


- If you are keeping them indoors, another option would be to dip the bones in plaster rather than paint them - like shown here and here.


Have fun!

Halloween dec 14.jpg

Photo of twig-and-pinecone spiders by Zombie Leah.



Dastardly DIYs:


Snake Candlesticks

Quick DIY which makes an effective table centrepiece.

Glowing Spiderwebs

Add a blacklight to activate this brilliant effect.

Cast Your Own Bones

Replicate bone shapes in plaster.

Creepy Crystal Balls

Transparency film is the secret ingredient here.

Light-Up Haunted House

How to decorate a paper mache house for Halloween.

Mounted Crow Head

And more wall ornament ideas.

Black Wire Pumpkins

Stylish curved wire sculpture.

Cute Halloween Friends

Pumpkin, cat and ghost cone characters.

Paper Silhouette Lanterns

Put your papercutting skills to the test!

Free Printable Book Covers

Spell and potion book covers to download.

Gumball Letters

A fun way to make a Halloween display.

Socks & Pipe Cleaners = Spiders

With tips on making a cobweb too.

Halloween dec 17.jpg

Photo of homemade potion jars by rmkoske.



How to Make a 2-Way Haunted Mirror:

More Inspiration, Ideas & How-Tos:


Ghost Leaf Bags

Transform white garbage bags in a matter of minutes.

Boo Banner

Fabric wall banner with cut-out letters.

Cloth Pumpkins

Great idea for recycling old clothes.

Origami Bats

Follow along with the video tutorial.

Halloween Pom-Poms

Many fun design ideas including ghosts and skulls.

Ghostly Ribbon Wreath

Rustic wreath design with yarn tassel ghosts.

Floating Candles

Dripping candles made from cardboard tubes and hot glue.

Skeletons up to No Good

Put together your own funny or scary scene with props.

Toilet Roll Bats

Recycling idea for those who want cute decorations on a budget.

Eyeball Mylar Balloons

Funny idea for wall decor.

Boarded-Up Windows

Clever way to make a house look condemned using foam.




How to Make a Fringed Halloween Garland:

Halloween dec 19.jpg

What you need:


* Multiple strips of paper (tissue or crepe preferably - I prefer crepe); One half of the strips will need to be black and the other half will need to be orange, and all of the strips should be exactly the same length and width. The length of each strip is as long as you can get (which depends on the size of paper sheet you can buy), and the width is up to you but I would suggest between 3" and 8". As an example, I could make a garland from 4 strips of orange paper and 4 strips of black paper with each strip measuring 4" x 40". This would result in a garland approx. 155" long in total, allowing room for overlapping.


* Scissors


* Glue stick



- You will be working with a pair of paper strips at a time - one orange and one black - and adding pairs of strips together until you have a garland as long as you need it to be. First you will apply glue down the center of one of the strips of paper (see yellow line in first part of the diagram above). The glue should be about 1" across and run along almost the whole length of the strip, except for a gap of 1" at the end(s) you will be joining to another pair of paper strips later.


- Place your pair of paper strips together on top of each other so that they are glued securely down the center.


- Now you can do the same thing for your other paper strip pairs until you have enough to make the length of garland you require (in my case 4).


- Next you will need to join the glued-together paper pairs together in a long line, and to do this you will need to insert the short edge of one pair between the two strips of paper in the adjacent pair. This is why you left a glueless space at the end of the paper earlier - so that you can slide other pieces of paper in between and secure them either with staples in the center, or just glue. Keep the glue about 1" across and in the center of the strips as before.


- You should now have a long double-layered strips of paper; orange on one side, black on the other.


- Now take your scissors and cut slits along both of the long edges, quite close together, to produce a 'fringed' effect. Leave the 1" central glued section in-tact otherwise the whole garland will fall apart!


- Now fluff up the finging by separating the strands, and then twist the garland to produce a better effect.


- Finished!

Halloween dec 18.jpg

Photo of gravestone props by Adam McIntosh.



I hope you have a fun (and craft-filled) Halloween!

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