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DIY Decoupaged Dressform

I have wanted my own dress form for a long time, but the price always put me off. I've seen a few tutorials over the years which show how to make one from duct tape, so I finally got around to making one!

However, I wanted my finished dress form to not only help me with making clothes, but also be pretty so it could also act as an ornament when not in use.

The result was a duct tape torso base, and a decoupaged outer layer, as you can see below.


Scroll down for the video tutorial, or click on this photo to find the written instructions over on Instructables:


I hope you give this project a go; it's quite time-consuming if you choose to add the decoupage, but it's one of the most fun makes I've ever done :)

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F i n d   D e c o u p a g e   S u p p l i e s   o n   A m a z o n :

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