How to Bind Off

Method #1 For Binding Off; The Basic Knit Bind Off

'Binding off' (or 'casting off' as it is sometimes called) is the process of removing the stitches from your needles, creating the final knitted edge, and finishing your project.

Once you can cast on, knit, and bind off, you will have the knowledge to knit one rectangular item, such as a scarf, from start to finish.

You can then add more techniques to your repertoire to give you the skills to make more complex shapes, textures and patterns. But you've got plenty of time for all that!

The bind off method I demonstrate in the video lesson below is the basic knit bind off, which is widely used, especially by beginners.

I will also be creating tutorials for a few other bind off options later, but this basic knit method is all you need for now at least. You may not even need a different method, of course, but this depends on the kinds of items you want to make.

For example, you may want a stretchier edge than this method provides if you are making socks and want them to be very comfortable around the ankles.

Summary of this bind off technique:

- The first step is to knit two stitches; therefore transferring 2 stitches onto the right hand needle.

- You then use the tip of your left hand needle to take the lower stitch on the right hand needle over the stitch above, and off the end of the needle.

- The stitch is then released, leaving just the one stitch on the right needle.

- You then need to knit one more stitch as normal so that you are once more left with 2 stitches on the right needle, and the process is repeated as before.

- Once you have transferred all of the stitches off the left needle and have only one remaining on the right needle, you need to cut off the excess working yarn (to a length of about 4-6") and feed this yarn end through your last remaining stitch.

- This is tightened to form a knot.

- The yarn tail is then woven into your knitting (using a yarn needle or tapestry needle) in order to hide it.

Now it's time to learn a few knit/purl combinations and make some pretty textures :)

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