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Creative Homemade Gift Ideas

For those of you who enjoy crafting, baking and generally doing something practical, then you could easily whip up some fantastic (and totally unique) homemade gifts for your friends and family using the tutorials below.

Homemade gifts jars.jpg

Photo of hand-drawn jars by Abbey Hendrickson.



I have listed my favourite DIY gift ideas for men, women and couples, so that you can give all of your favourite people thoughtful surprises on their birthdays, or at Christmas, housewarming parties and other celebrations.

People do appreciate the extra time and effort put into gift-giving, and you could perhaps save yourself some money too!


You don't even need extra special equipment or crafting skills to complete most of these even if you're a total beginner to "making things", you can still create some awesome goodies :)


Have fun!


(If you can't find what you're looking for here, feel free to take a look at my homemade present guides specifically for men, for women, for kids and for Valentine's day.)




Edible Gift Recipes & How-Tos:


Cupcake in a Jar

Not only yummy, but pretty too.

Candy Box

Truffles and caramel squares in a gift package.

Caramel Apple Kit

Awesome DIY kit of apples, caramel sauce & an assortment of toppings.

Martha Stewart Recipe Ideas

Including bacon jam and honeycomb brittle.

Tasty Chocolate Truffles

A simple tried-and-tested recipe.

Apple Jellies

Very few ingredients go into making these sweet treats.

Flavourful Fudge

Traditional recipes for vanilla, chocolate, rum and whiskey fudge.

Dipped Chocolates

With step-by-step instructions and photos.

15 Food & Drink Gifts

Delicious offerings including cocktails and lollipops.

Rum Balls

Made from mashed-up chocolate cake!

Hot Cocoa Mix

Lovely little gift set to make a delicious mug of cocoa.

Homemade gifts truffles.jpg

Chocolate truffles rolled in a variety of toppings...made by madlyinlovewithlife.



Kits to Assemble & Themed Boxes of Goodies:


A Birthday Party in a Box

With balloons, candles, garlands and more.

Chocolate Candy Bar Kit

I would love to receive this one!

Ice Cream Sundae Kit

Waffle cones and toppings galore.

DIY Chai Kit

Mini pots containing quality spices and teas.

Herb Garden Starter Kit

With homemade clay plant markers.

Picnic Kit

A picnic basket, blanket and thermos flask would make a sweet gift.

Molten Chocolate Cake Kit

A ready-made batter which just needs to be baked.

S'mores on the go

Provide all the ingredients for a campfire treat.

Birthday in a Suitcase

A charming way to upcycle an old case.

Miniature Collection Box

Beautiful 'talking bouquet' full of treasures.

Ultimate Care Package

Packed full of sweets and fun knick-knacks.

Peppermint Brownies

Dry recipe mix in a mason jar.

Custom Letter Writing Box

Lovely materials assembled for people who enjoy writing.

DIY Stationery Set

Including a magnetic post-it note holder.

Bloody Mary Drinks Kit

A wonderful collection of ingredients.

Homemade gifts wreath.jpg

A lovely gift for the holidays! Photo by kittylitter.

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F i n d   P o p u l a r   G i f t s   o n   A m a z o n :

Video How-To for Edible Treats & a Candy Dispenser:

Key Holders, Wine Racks & DIYs for the Home:


Wood & Rope Wine Rack

A rustic wine holder that leans against a wall.

Leather Sling Wine Rack

A minimalist bottle holder in leather and wood.

Modern Leaning Wine Rack

Easy to construct from just wood and framing nails.

Chalkboard Key Rack

A memo board and key holder in one.

Clay Leaf Catchall

For storing your keys and knick-knacks.

Entry Key Dish

Instructions for jazzing up a plain terracotta dish.

Mason Jar Key Holder

Potted succulent and key hook in one!

Magnetic Key Shelf

Very useful item made using wood and magnets.

Rustic Scrap Wood Key Holder

Made a quirky rack with mini houses on top.

Modern House Numbers

An effective and budget-friendly DIY.

Rustic Bath Caddy

Made from a single reclaimed wood board.

Fabric Sofa Caddy

Sew a handy holder for remote controls and gadgets.

Shopping List Pad

Wooden wall-mounted paper roll for reminders.

Yarn Memo Board

A fun design to hold notes and lists.

Alphabet Containers

Made from scratch using air-dry clay.

Mountain Photo Holders

Make your own tiny litle mountain range.

Fabric Phone Stand

Sew your own squishy stand using fun fabric.

Handmade Stitched Planters

Embroider a pretty pattern onto storage boxes or planters.

Homemade gifts 4.jpg

Photo by The Spanish Peach.



Creative Kitchen Items & Handmade Ornaments:


Test Tube Spice Rack

A smart wooden block with copper accents.

Stone and Cork Trivets

Easy to make as a last-minute present.

Herb Planter Cutting Board

Hardboard base with embedded terracotta pots.

Painted Salad Serving Set

Add a personal touch to wooden spoons & a salad bowl.

Recipe Dishcloths

Use heat transfer paper to apply handwritten recipes to cloth.

Etched Spice Jar

Mason jar container with a shaker lid.

Decorative Stoppers

Add drawer pulls to corks to jazz up a range of decanters.

Magnetic Tea Chalkboard

A colourful and interesting display for tea lovers.

Etched Storage Jars

Add whatever words you like to the glass to personalise them.

Coffee Pot Terrarium

Beautiful centrepiece of air plants, sand and moss.

Hammered Spoon Place Markers

You could stamp the name of the recipient on the flattened spoon.

Mason Jar Oil Lamps

An attractive set of paraffin oil candles.

Animal Jar Tops

A cute idea for storage containers.

Copper & Marble Candle Holders

Add multi-coloured taper candles for a colourful effect.

Test Tube Bud Vases

With a rustic wooden base.

Marble Candle Holders

Make trendy candle holders using marble tiles.

Homemade gifts 5.jpg

Decorate a plain mirror frame with ceramic leaves! Photo and mosaic mirror by Diamond Tech.



Games and Fun Makes:


Custom Cluedo

I love this one; amazing detail and illustrations.

Personalised Guess Who

The characters could be from your family or favourite TV show!

Quilted Tic-Tac-Toe

Cute noughts and crosses game made using a sewing machine.

Travel Dice Game

In its own smart leather pouch.

Faux Birthday Cake Slice

Fun DIY using acrylic latex caulk for the 'icing'!

Clock with Photo Hands

Fun and cheap way to make a personalised clock.

Clone Dolls

Humorous idea where you can make someone a clone of their favourite person.

Embroidered Merit Badges

A cute way to compliment someone or congratulate them for an achievement.

Peg Doll Family Art

Lovely gift idea for families or couples.

Pebble Fridge Magnets

Simply paint onto small pebbles, add a magnet and you're done!

Tentacle Neck Pillow

Creative design for someone who travels a lot.

Blue Ribbon Rosette

Give an award to someone for being a great friend, mum, dad or sibling.

Mini Zen Garden

Give the gift of peace and calm.

Balloon Surprise

I would love this to be left on my doorstep.

Face Buttons

Create a tiny little replica of the recipient!

Homemade gifts 6.jpg

Why not use seashells and string to make a pretty windchime? Photo by Thaths.



Mugs, Plates, Coasters & More:


Two Tone Dipped Mugs

Adding a simple layer of porcelain paint makes all the difference.

Happy Mugs

Add cute drawings or words on the base of the mugs.

Doodle Cups

Just doodle all over mugs, cups or saucers to make them one-of-a-kind.

Modern Art Plates

Bold and colourful art inspired by Marimekko.

Cool Spray-Painted Plates

These would make a fantastic wall display.

80s Memphis Plates

For those who love colourful and retro patterns.

Painted Tile Coasters

Add your own modern minimalist designs.

Stamped Cork Coasters

Pick out the rubber stamps you want and you're away!

Constellation Coasters

With gold around the edges for a bit of added luxury.

Moon Phase Coasters & Trivets

A very creative use for carpet tiles!

Nebula Paperweight

So easy to create a beautiful object for someone's desk.

Clay Incense Stick Holder

With an attractive splatter effect finish.

DIY Quote Block

Pick the recipient's favourite quotes to print and display.

Office Desk Calendar

That can be used year after year after year.

Hand-Printed Mousepad

Stencil your own unique design on to the top.

Thread & Nail Art

A fun way to create a piece of personalised letter art.

Modern Desk Accessory

A trendy photo holder with a wire hand shape.

Homemade gifts 7.jpg

A fun idea would be to paint little wooden dolls as the recipient's favourite characters...or as the recipient themselves!

Photo by Abbey Hendrickson.




Christmas Themed Gifts & More Craft Ideas:


Wine Bottle Santa

Make a cute little outfit from felt.

Christmas Tea Bags

Lovely idea for a festive cuppa.

Message Bots

Little robot dolls that hold your secret message in their pocket.

Winter Scarf

A trendy reversible scarf that is really easy to sew.

Homemade Gnomes

Adorable gnome ornaments with pointed hats.

Amazing Book Art

I've always wanted to know how to do this, and this how-to solves the mystery!

Chocolate Alphabet

Fun idea for using brown sugar and fridge magnets to mould the chocolate.

Apple for Teacher

Scented apple-shaped sachets of lavender.

Personalised Photo Albums

Complete with a smart cover title.

Spice Sachet

The sachet contents are put in a simmering pot of water to release the scent.

Map Themed Decor

Use a map of a place that means something special to the recipient.

Instagram Calendar

Sweet little flip calendar full of memories.

Pen Pal Set

Send a set of paper with a handmade feather pen.

Grab 'n' Go Drawing Kit

For people who like to doodle on-the-go.

Mini Sewing Kit

All enclosed inside a chocolate tin.



1 Yummy, 1 Romantic & 1 Sentimental Gift Idea:

Soap Recipes PLUS Thoughtful Gifts for Gardeners & for Couples:


Stout & Coffee Soap

Made using coffee and Guinness!

Goat's Milk Citrus Soap

Only requires a few ingredients, and looks very inviting.

Seed Tape

Simply attach seeds of your choice to a stripe of newspaper.

Tiny Terrarium

Cute miniature garden inside a lightbulb.

Seed Bombs

A similar concept to seed tape, shaped into balls instead.

Garden Markers

A charming idea using wooden spoons and paint.


A cute idea for a couple who need a break.

Personalised Key Hanger

Sweet homemade gift made of felt.

His & Hers Pillowcases

Easily stencil your own pillowcase designs.

Wedding Countdown Blocks

Genius present idea for an engaged couple.

Wedding Ceremony Wine Box

Another unique treasure for an engaged pair.

Rolodex Meal Planner

Smart and compact planner made with a vintage Rolodex.

Desk Stand & Photo Calendar

Perfect for displaying personal photo memories.

Rustic Folding Magazine Rack

Requires only basic sewing and woodworking skills.

Love Birds

Adorable birdies with fabric feathers and wire legs.

Jack Daniel's Soap Dispenser

Recycle an old bottle to make a cool new functional item!

Homemade gifts 8.jpg

Chalkboard flower pots as a gift for teacher, by Emmanuelle Bourgue.



Candles, Keychains & Many More Cool Presents:


Simple Jasmine Tea Candles

With crackling wooden wicks.

Baked Apple Soy Candles

Ideal for making you feel cosy in Winter.

Cinnamon Beeswax Candles

I particularly like how cinnamon sticks are incorporated.

Monogram Keychains

Made using polymer clay and inexpensive letter stamps.

Leather Bound Notebook

No binding necessary; just add a nice cover!

Wire & Cement Tree

For holding little photos or memos.

Headphones Stand

Simple construction using pre-made wooden blocks.

Nail and String Art

Create the recipient's initial or maybe a heart shape.

Shibori Beach Blanket

Dye a plain white sheet to make a unique pattern.

Homemade gifts 11.jpg

Fun idea for a spice rack; test tubes! By FluffyMuppet.



Foodie Gifts for Keen Cooks & Bakers, PLUS Further Inspiration Lists:


DIY Mug Cake

Recipe for making a quick microwave cake.

Preserved Herb Salt

For use as seasoning on your food.

Dual Purpose Cutting Board

A cheese board with a useful chalkboard section.

Cookbook Stand

Woodworking plans for a simple wooden stand.

Infused Sugar

Citrus flavoured sugar for use in baking.

Infused Vinegars

Aromatic and great for dressing salads.

Herb Gardens

8 Ways to present a herb garden.

Vanilla Bean Gift Set

Includes vanilla extract, syrup and sugar.

Cupcake Display Stand

Pretty tiered stand made from terracotta pots and saucers.

Recipe Inspired Apron

Clever idea to transfer a hand-written recipe.

French Stripe Half-Apron

Easy sewing project with a pocket on the front.

101 Christmas Ideas

Loads of little nuggets of inspiration.

8 DIY Holiday Gifts

I particularly like the felt fortune cookie make.

Giver's Log

An inspiration board for every occasion.

One Pretty Thing

A goldmine of ideas for crafters.

99 Budget Makes

Including homemade caramel sauce and teacup candles.

Homemade gifts 9.jpg

An indoor wall garden by Thomas Chappell.



I hope you have found a fun DIY here to try!

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