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I have written a few posts before on Etsy extras, but not about Etsy itself. This is because I thought it was a really well-known website – yet hardly anyone here in the UK has heard of it. . . shocking!

Basically, is a seriously addictive website (sort of like Ebay), but here you buy or sell handmade pieces. You can therefore either earn money from making your own items, or you can find one-off, unusual and fantastic quality items for yourself or to give as unique gifts. The different categories include photography, clothes, jewellery, toys, furniture, vintage and much more.

It’s better than buying generic mass-produced items in a shop I think, because each item is made with love and care, and alot of the items are one-off, so you can own something truly individual. I have gone MAD buying stuff on here recently (my bad), but it’s great because there is something beautiful for every price range.

Hope you become an addict too!

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