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Advent Calendars

I know, I know, I’m a bit late off the mark, whoops! I’m going to blame this on being in the final year at university. Quite stressed right now, but at least I have Christmas to look forward to….AND on the train this morning I saw lots of snow! I LOVE snow.

(For those of you not in the UK, we hardly ever get snow here :-))

Anyway, back to the point…

If you would like an adorable advent calendar made from little baby socks, then toodle along to the tutorial here.

For instructions on the above matchbox advent calendar, go here, or for the posher version below, visit this site.

And finally, this pocket mints version of an advent calendar is quite ingenious. However, not being a fan of mints, I would probably replace the mints with individual M&Ms and then cover the little capsules again with tissue paper or similar. Obviously I’d have to make sure the glue isn’t poisonous!


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