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Blackpool Illuminations

On Friday (the 3rd) I went to the Blackpool Illuminations ‘switch on’ show, and I took a few photos so I just thought you might like to see 🙂 I live pretty close to Blackpool but have only been once before to the show. This time, unfortunately, it was a ticket-only event for the first time and I didn’t manage to get a ticket because I was in Italy when they came out (which was especially disappointing because Robbie Williams, my favourite pop star, is the one who switched on the lights – arg!)

So I ended up watching the show on the big screen next to the beach on Blackpool promenade, which was actually very civilised because it was really nice, sunny weather, there was a great sunset, and the crowd were all chillaxing on the ground. Lovely. Plus we were near the front and could see the ferris wheel on the pier and Blackpool tower too. The acts on the show were Olly Murs, Alesha Dixon and The Wanted, amongst others. I’m guessing you won’t have heard of those people unless you live in the UK, but Olly Murs came 2nd in the X Factor over here and Alesha Dixon won, and is a judge on, our Strictly Come Dancing TV show.

We all joined in the countdown and then saw the lights come on all the way down the prom. Cheering ensued. If you’d like to see my photos, click here. Thanks for reading!

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