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Fancy Dress Costume Ideas II

The following are some useful websites with excellent costumes for sale, or with lists of unusual costume ideas:

Some specific examples of costumes from ReadyMade (slightly altered by me) are as follows:

– Freudian Slip: Wear a slip dress and a Dr Freud name tag, and carry an unlit cigar. Then corner people on a couch.

– Ever wondered what Ronald McDonald does during off-hours? How does he live when not filming ads or scaring small children? Maybe he sports a trench coat and trolls the seedier side of town, brandy in hand. Live your Mac Daddy fantasy. Materials: red wig, face paint, McDonalds Logo

– Surrealist painter: Wear painter’s pants or overalls and a painters cap turned backwards. Carry a brush glued full of plastic flowers. If you do impressions, you could be an impressionist painter…ba dum tish!

– The American tourist is easy to imitate. White socks and sandals are a must-have. Add Bermuda shorts and a short-sleeve button-down shirt (preferably Hawaiian) and the transformation is complete.

– Cereal killer: Stab a cereal box with a dull knife and tape it in place, with fake blood around the ‘wound’. Strap the box to your chest. Alternatively, I have actually seen someone print out and make a giant cereal box (which they wear), and then make a paper mache knife covered in aluminium foil to carry around.

– Just wrap yourself in bubble wrap and be ‘Bubble Wrap Man!’

– Fallen angel: Make yourself a tarnished halo from a wire hanger. Wear a toga with burn marks, and slits in the back where your wings have been clipped.

– Paparazzi: Carry a fake press pass and as many cameras as you can carry. Take photos of people all night.

– Pyscho killer: They look like everyone else!


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