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Handmade Seller Interview: Freda Made

Freda Made leather sea creatures 2

This week’s interview is with Australia-based Freda from Freda Made, who creates hand-stitched leather sea creatures in great life-like detail. I bet they feel so nice!

So let’s now find out a little more about Freda and her makes:

How did you get started in your handmade business?

I made my first squid in leather at the end of 2016. I had always liked the ocean theme and wanted to make a giant squid to hang on the wall for my house. I made one and posted it up on Facebook. Everyone liked it and said it was very unique and that I should make more and sell them. That’s how I started.

Freda Made leather sea creatures 5

Apart from crafts, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a Graphic Designer so I do craft in my spare time. My life is filled up with graphics and craft haha.

How long have you been creating art/crafts and how long have you been selling online?

I have been selling on Etsy for over a year now and it has been slow, but I’m definitely getting more exposure as Etsy has been promoting my store every now and then.

How many different places do you sell from?

You can buy my leather creatures in my Etsy shop or in Queen Victoria market.

Freda Made leather sea creatures 1

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

I would like to do crafts for my whole lifetime. Hopefully in 10 years, I will be a full time crafter.

Do you have another job? What is it?

I am a Graphic Designer in Melbourne.

What’s the most difficult part of your craft?

The difficulty of working with leather is that it doesn’t stretch.

What is your favourite part of your handmade business?

I can tell you that every single process is fun…except for hammering holes in leather!

Freda Made leather sea creatures 4

What are three tools in your workspace that you could not live without?

Chisels, thread and needles.

Have any pets?

I have 3 cats; Tofu, Sergeant and Eliza.

If you had the opportunity to learn one more craft you don’t already do, what would it be?

Probably woodwork, so that I can make my own display boxes for my crafts.

Freda Made leather sea creatures 3

Freda has also kindly provided a free shipping code for you to enjoy, yay!

Free shipping code: FREESHIP2002


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