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Harry Potter Theme Park

Is it wrong that a 22 year old girl should be more excited about the opening of the Harry Potter theme park than anything else ever in my life?!

I love Harry Potter (I was devastated when I finished the last book – go Team Snape!), I love theme parks, I love fiction and fantasy (Disneyland is my all time favourite place), and I love Florida (best holiday ever) – so to combine all these things in one place is rather enticing for me, to say the least.

I found these photos showing the construction so far and it’s so exciting – there are rollercoasters, plus replicas of places like Hogwart’s castle and Zonko’s joke shop – eek!

Anyone else as mad as I am?!

Of course, since this is a craft blog, here is a link which will show you lots of Harry Potter related projects 🙂


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