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I Love Fabric

Well anyway, I like fabric a bit And lucky lucky lucky Anna Maria Horner owns them all! Here is her shop, where there are stacks of loveliness waiting to be bought

I’ve never admitted this next thing to anyone (blogs are very therapeutic aren’t they?) but I have a couple of wardrobes and several drawers which house many, many, clothes. I am an avid dress and skirt buyer, even though I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts. However, I regularly just open my wardrobe and stare at the prints. Yes, I’m a true saddo, but I mourn the day I gave up art for I.T. at GCSE. It certainly closed alot of doors which I would have liked to stay open. Graphic design has always appealed.

Don’t think because I have lots of clothes I’m rolling in money though (I am a student after all) – it’s Ebay all the way for me! Mind you, I still hate to think how much I’ve spent on clothes since I signed up to Paypal. Totally worth it though 😉

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