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Improv Everywhere

‘Improv Everywhere’ is a fabulous New York based group of ‘flashmobbers’ where volunteers create unannounced entertainment in the city.

The above photo shows what looks like a mirror image of a tube carriage, but actually they are all identical twins sitting opposite each other!

Simply go to Improv Everywhere, and click the links under ‘Mission Highlights’ to see other events. My favourites are ‘Frozen grand central’, ‘Food Court Musical’, and ‘Romantic Comedy Cab’. They are all so feel-good!

If I lived in NY I would love to take part soooo much, because these are the kind of spontaneous and mad things which make life fun! If you search around, you might be able to find one in your own city – I know that mass pillow fights have taken place in London and Manchester, so have a look around for info 🙂

The above video is from the Color Me Katie blog, and Katie (who writes the blog) is very involved with Improv Everywhere and has loads of photos of events on her blog, plus cute little things you can do yourself and leave around your city to brighten up other people’s days!

This blog is really really feel-good and she just has the coolest life!


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