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Make Money With Cafepress

Cafepress is a famous company which allows you to design t-shirts and other products, and then if they sell, you earn a commission from the sale. I’ve had a Cafepress shop for a few years now and have made a bit of handy pocket money, but most of all it’s been fun and a good creative outlet.

Anyway, I’ve written 3 parts of what will be a 4-part beginner’s guide to opening a cafepress store, creating images, stocking products and promoting the store. I’m not being paid for this (I wish lol) but I thought it would be helpful to people out there who don’t think they could make any money themselves. And seeing as I’m sure my readers are quite arty and creative, I thought it might appeal – just in case you’ve not heard of Cafepress before.

Here are the links to my step-by-step guide:

Hope it’s useful!

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