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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Oooooh it’s just become 2009 here in the UK, how exciting!

lol I’m just watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny to bring in the new year.

Anyway, to finish the year right, you can reflect on 2008 both personally and from a worldwide perspective (Barrack Obama anyone?).

THEN, there is the most important new year’s resolutions. For a few popular examples, go here.

Next we have an ingenious little idea from iHanna, which involves picking a word to spur you on through the next year. There are many to choose from (click on ‘word suggestions’) so it’s super hard to pick just one, so I’ll pick three 🙂

Beginnings, Believe, and Adventure.

The reasons for my choices are:

a) This year I hope to learn all kinds of crafts including sewing and felting (I just ordered my first sewing machine – a Brother Innovis 10A – and I’m so excited!) b) I want to open an Etsy shop with the intention of earning a living eventually from it. I should probably add ‘good luck’ to my word list lol

c) I want to go to New Zealand this year or next, with ‘adventure’ in mind. I absolutely would love to skydive and do the longest bungee jump in the world (eek)

d) And I would like my first tattoo this year too (don’t tell my parents!).

It’ll certainly be interesting to review these goals at the end of the year – I’m realistically hoping to fulfill at least half of the above.

I hope you have fun choosing yours 🙂

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