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Painting With Light

 This is my absolutely favourite photography effect, and all you need is:

– A camera with long exposure (shutter speed) capabilities (the longer the better)

– A source of light (flashlights work the best but if you have glowsticks instead, check out this instructable!)

– And a pitch black room (if you want a nice black background) – or you can do it outside if it is pitch black.

For the full instructions go here, or view my summary of the tutorial below:

Step 1

– Get your camera a nice place to sit and aim it at a spot about 10-15 ft away where you will easily be able to draw your picture.

– Take a regular shutter speed shot in the light to make sure that your spot is in focus (see picture)

– Set your camera’s shutter speed (you’ll have to set your camera for manual mode) – about 30 seconds.

– Either turn on a time delay or set the shutter speed to compensate for the time it takes to walk 10-15 feet away.

– Grab your flashlight and shut the lights out.

– Press the capture button, run to wherever your camera is focused on, and turn on your light source.

– Draw the picture you want, trying not to shine the light source directly at the camera. This will produce a “twinkle” where you shined it from.

– If you want to stop a line segment and start a new one, you can cover the light source with your hand and move it over to where the new line segment will start. If you have a flashlight, just turn it off, move it over, and turn it back on! <– Much easier!

When you’re done drawing:

If it’s a simple picture (a square, circle etc) you can go over it again

If not, don’t bother trying to go over it. It will probably get messed up.


Step 2

Admire your one of a kind picture!

Feel free to experiment with different techniques etc.

For some inspiration, have a look here, and at the following videos:

And if that’s not enough, have a look here and here for some more help and inspiration.

I hope you enjoy it!

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