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THE Christmas Gift Guide

(Cookie gift tag from here) I know that finding a gift to suit and please every recipient is very very difficult, and it is sometimes hard to find inspiration in the chaos and panic – but never fear, Fern (the queen of the comprehensive OCD list) am here!

The websites listed below have a wide range of gift ideas, from mass produced to handmade, and from cheap stocking fillers to expensive one-offs. Some even have a mini quiz so that they can find those products best suited (give me an ooooooh!):

(This LED motherboard Christmas tree is right up my street – from Think Geek) And for specific gift ideas which I love, have a browse through these (mainly men’s gifts):

For more general ideas, see my own here:

For Guys: CDs, playstation/games console games, DVDs, TV series on DVD, compilation CD, cake, biscuits, compass, SatNav, walking stick, fishing tripod chair, cufflinks/watch, tankard, mug, whisky flask, hamper, alcohol, wallet, man bag, hand embroidered tie, journal, hat, t-shirts/underwear/socks/hoodies, BBQ apron, hand printed shirt, pillow, paper/file organiser, clock, gadget, soap, photo frame, aftershave, survival/adventure kit, swiss army knife, punch bag, sporting/hobby equipment, sport/hobby themed gifts, gloves (driving/leather), scarf, shaving kit, novelty USB stick, laptop case, BBQ accessories, corkscrew, high tech lighter, stylish fountain pen, computer game, board/family game

For Gals: Magazine subscription, cake/chocolates, flowers, wall decals, cuddly toy/pillow, underwear, watch, (alarm) clock, jewellery, piggy bank, DVD (box set), books, proper fountain pen, journal, stationary, perfume, soap/body scrub/anything from Lush!, lamp, bookmark, gift voucher for her favourite shop, pre-paid beauty treatment, pampering products.

Hope you enjoyed the lists!


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