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Watermelon ‘Sherbet’ Slice

Heck, I don’t even care whether this tastes good, it is the most fresh and glorious looking pie slice I have ever seen – It’s absolutely genious! 

I have also learned something today, because if you look at the recipe here, you’ll see that it is made of sherbet. This will make complete sense to any American readers (hi here!), but to us British, sherbet is actually a sweet sugary powder that rots teeth. Hence my utter confusion. But, thanks to my friend Google, I found that the American sherbet is a fruity frozen puree, sort of like British sorbet but it melts slower:

 “Sorbet can be made into sherbert if a beaten egg white and lowfat milk is added to the mixture after it is partially frozen.”

Hmmm, well it seems us Brits have a choice of what to use, including making our own from sorbet, egg and milk, or experimenting with ice-cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt. Personally, I think I’d try frozen yoghurt 🙂

I hope you all learned something today!


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