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Hand Towel Review

Once again, Society6 had a '25% off' sale, and since I'm too weak to refuse I decided to buy a hand towel this time, which is a new product as of 2018.

I have set out the good and bad points about the towel below, which I hope you will find useful.


As for the facts 'n' figures, the hand towels measure 30" by 15", and are white on the reverse side. There is also the option of a bath towel (measuring 64" x 32"), which is nearly twice the price of the hand towel but is more than double the size.

You can also choose to buy a set of 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels to save a few dollars overall.


Looking through the reviews on Society6, the towels have a high star rating and mainly very good reviews.

Towel s6 3.jpg

Please note that the links to Society6 from this page are affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission if you buy a product from Society6 via one of the links. This won't affect your order at all. Thank-you in advance if you do make a purchase :)



Good points


- Super colour and printing detail, as I have come to expect from S6. They know how to print well. The print I ordered was one of my own (Mandala on Gray Jersey) and it came out as I wanted and expected with well-matching and vivid colours.

- Cosy and soft feel; particularly the front of the towel which is described as 'soft polyester microfiber'. I think as a bath towel especially it would be very cosy. Even after I washed it, the towel remained soft.


- Nice large size; both the hand towel and the bath towel are on the large side, so there's no scrimping on the size/fabric.



Bad points


- Absorbency; this is my main gripe with these towels. Although the terry towel (unpatterned) side is of average absorbency, the soft microfiber (patterned) side is hardly absorbent at all.

Soft? Yes. Pretty? Yes. Absorbent? Nope.

I think it boils down to the towel being a bit too 'style over substance', with the microfiber side being required because it's able to be printed nicely, whereas terry cloth (I assume) is difficult to print onto. I guess it's the compromise they've come to. What this means in practice is that I have to awkwardly try and just use the terry cloth side to dry my hands with this towel.


- Sewn edges; Although this is a very minor issue and it doesn't affect my use of the towel at all, one of the edges has been sewn a little wonky. I did have this same minor issue with a wall tapestry I have previously ordered from S6, so that's why I'm pointing it out; it's not a one-off issue. I don't personally care about a slightly wonky sewn line, but I do have to put it here because it does seem to be a recurring quality issue in my experience.

Towel s6 4.jpg

Because of the (lack of) absorbency, I personally would only buy the hand towels again for decorative purposes, or for use as a duster or for other cleaning purposes.

If both sides were terry cloth, that would be fine, but to dry my hands at the moment it's very awkward to try and only use the terry cloth side!


I think this issue would be a lot less of a problem if you bought the bath towel instead, as then you would have the terry cloth surface on the inside and the soft microfiber surface on the outside, so then only the most absorbent side would be used to dry your skin, yet you'd get added cosiness from the lovely soft outer.

Towel s6 5.jpg
Towel s6 2.jpg

Other ways you could use the towels:


- As something to sit on at a beach/picnic/concert/festival or similar.


- For dusting/cleaning; the microfiber side would make a great duster.


- For decorative purposes; I saw one customer review that said they had bought a towel with the same Arabian pattern on it as the magic carpet from 'Aladdin' and used it for a Disney themed birthday party!

Towel s6 1.jpg

So in conclusion, the towels from Society 6 are nice quality with excellent colour and printing, and would definitely add a bit of interest to your bathroom. They are soft, even after washing, and are a good large size.

The downside is the absorbency of the front side, although this is really only an issue when used as a hand towel or dishcloth. The bath towel size I would say is a much more useful product than the hand towel.



I hope this review has been helpful to you, and thanks for reading!

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