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Wall Tapestry Review

As of 2015, Society6 has begun selling 'wall tapestries'. I for one was very excited about this new product type so I decided to buy a few and review them here on my website. Whether you are looking for more information about this new product, or you've never even heard of Society6 before, I hope you all enjoy my review...

Tapestry 10.jpg

When I think of tapestries I think of hand-woven art, but these products are actually printed fabric sheets and are designed to be lightweight enough to easily hang on a wall. They're wall hangings really...but 'tapestry' does sound a bit cooler :)


The tapestries are available in 3 different sizes:

- Small: 51" x 60" (130 x 150 cm)

- Medium: 68" x 80" (173 x 203 cm)

- Large: 88" x 104" (224 x 264 cm)


These are BIG.


As soon as I saw this product launch I was obssessed with getting a few for myself. I think the main draw was the huge size of them, and the fact they allow you to cover almost an entire wall with art. As someone who has always plastered their walls with posters and other printed media, this is a very appealing prospect!


According to Society6, they're big, bold and totally badass. I've never been badass in my life so I'll just have to take their word for it on this one.



Please note that the links to Society6 from this page are affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission if you buy a product from Society6 via one of the links. This won't affect your order at all. Thank-you in advance if you do make a purchase :)

Tapestry 8.jpg

There was a free UK delivery offer at the time so I jumped straight in and ordered 3 tapestries; 2 small and 1 large. The following is a little review of my purchase, and it is all my own honest opinion. I have not been paid to write this or been given freebies :)


The photos above show how the tapestries arrived in the package; each wrapped with just a simple piece of paper and a S6 sticker. Despite their large size when unfolded, they fold up into a compact size which is certainly handy for storage.


The material is 100% polyester and very lightweight. It's a thin and smooth fabric, but not see-through and it feels nice quality. As for how the colours printed, I thought the colours were very accurate to the images on the computer screen, and were exactly what I expected. The colours are not washed out, blurred or inaccurate, so I'm very happy with them.


All of the edges are hand-sewn to give a neat finish, and there is a small Society6 label on the back. The only fault I found on any of the products was that once of the corners was sewn a bit wonky, where it flares out a bit rather than being straight, but once it hangs up it isn't noticeable so I'm not worried about it.



Here are some photos of the designs I ordered:

Tapestry 1.jpg

This design is called 'Road of Life' and is a photograph of a road through a forest. I think you can tell printing quality by looking at the darkest tones, and they are pretty true to the original photo. Overall it may be slightly lighter than on the computer screen, but to me the difference is negligible.


I bought this one because I wanted to make a small room look bigger...and the perspective of this shot works a treat for that!


By-the-way, Society6 offers a guide for hanging your tapestry up, in case you're struggling.

Tapestry 2.jpg
Tapestry 3.jpg

This print is, funnily enough, entitled 'Cacti' and is a beautiful original illustration. Again, I looked at the dark tones (i.e. the black background) to check quality and it was a deep black colour; solid with no lighter areas. Impressed again!


The black might look light in this photo but please bear in mind that these photographs were taken in bright sunlight (sorry!)

Tapestry 7.jpg
Tapestry 6.jpg

The last print I bought was this watercolour paint splatter pattern. Awesome, huh? It is definitely going on the wall of my future craft room!


The colours are vibrant and give just the same effect as shown on the computer screen. Once again, very happy with my purchase.



So Who Would Buy One Of These Tapestries?


Well, I personally bought them because I love covering my walls with art, and in particular I bought the really large 'Road of Life' print to make a small room feel bigger.

The main selling point is really their size; they're available in much bigger dimensions than regular prints and posters, so they definitely create a focal point and make a statement in any room.


They're an awesome idea for renters and students in particular because they're easy to hang up without marking or damaging the walls, and they make a room feel more colourful and artistic in an instant.

I also like the versatility of them. For instance, you could hang one behind your bed in the place of a headboard, or even just throw them over your sofa or bed to jazz them up a bit!


S6 states that these tapestries can be used outdoors too, so would be great to use as decor for outdoor parties, or draped around you at a music festival. And for the practically minded; don't worry, they're machine washable and can go in a tumble dryer too :)


Plus, if you ever get bored of them on your wall and you're a crafter at heart like moi, you could always make the tapestry into something else like curtains or pillow covers!


Society6 offers 5 ideas for ways to use their tapestries on this page.




If you would like to visit my own Society6 Shop (*SHAMELESS PLUG*), then please click here or on the screenshot below :)

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