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I have always really wanted to travel and explore other countries (my travel 'bucket list' has about half the world on it at the moment!) but until my mid-twenties I just didn't have enough money saved up to go. Then, finally, I reached my financial goal and at the top of my travel list was - as it had been for about 8 years - New Zealand.

Well, I went, I saw and I conquered! For 7 weeks no less, and New Zealand was just as good as I had imagined. In fact, as soon as I arrived home I wanted to go back to NZ again. And one day I will. But for now I'll have to console myself with writing travel reviews of my time there and planning my next adventure :)

Apart from New Zealand posts, I will also be writing articles on places in the UK I have visited, plus anywhere else of interest I have travelled to. I hope these pages are both informative and inspiring!

* Please note that all of the reviews are my own opinions only, I have not been asked to write them and I certainly haven't received any money or other payment for writing any positive views (more's the pity!) *

New Zealand

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United Kingdom

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