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- The Crafts & DIY category focusses on what I am most passionate about; making things! Currently, most of the tutorials focus on teaching people how to knit, but there are also plenty of other lessons covering a range of skills including sewing and polymer clay crafts. There are also one-off DIY projects showing you how to make objects such as a recycled VHS tape toy, a t-shirt quilt and lightbulb bugs!

Welcome to Rokolee!

As you can see, this site has been split into five main sections; Crafts & DIY, Travel, Gift Guides, Cooking & Food, and Other:

- The Travel category will be filled primarily with information regarding my travels in New Zealand, as well as recommendations for useful travel gadgets and products to take if you are planning a similar trip. Following this I will write guides to the Channel Islands, starting with Guernsey and Sark, and then I will continue to add more write-ups as I visit other interesting places, mainly around the UK.

- The Gift Guides section is where I will list my personal favourite picks for what to give on birthdays and at Christmas, hopefully without being boringly predictable! I'll organise the gift ideas by age, budget and/or gender to make the guides easy to use, and I hope these will provide plenty of inspiration for you. I'll also include some specific product reviews here.

- The Cooking & Food section is a new section which I will be filling with yummy treats! I'll also be starting from scratch and trying to teach basic cookery skills to people who, like me, do not particularly love to cook ;p

- The Other section is for everything else, including information, tips & advice about entrepreneurialism and how to start a small business.

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions please use the 'Contact' page to e-mail me.


I hope you enjoy browsing this site, and thanks for visiting!

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