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The Best Of The Best

I’m going to introduce (or reintroduce) you to some of the best blogs, all of which have just been added to my daily blog roll. First up are Post Secret and Post Rejects (the spin off), where people write in their secrets on postcards, and they range from funny to touching.

Next is Heart Handmade, which is stuffed full of interviews, projects and gorgeous handmade products. There is also Cucumbersome, which has some fab tutorials, and the Naughty Secretary Club is so much fun, with some great tackylicious jewellery projects!

This website has beautiful photography, especially of weddings, and Fine Little Love is another pretty and inspiring blog.

If that isn’t enough, we have Absolutely Beautiful Things (which does what it says on the tin), Art Mind chronicles the adventures of a clay addict, How About Orange has loads of tutorials and things to pass the time, and Thimble not only has tutorials but recipes too!

Last but not least is Blog Delanine, which is very pretty with lots of photos and original illustrations by the author.

I hope you like the selection!


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